How to Make Lavender Vinegar

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How to Make Lavender Vinegar

Lavender is has been a favorite herb of mine for many years. If you've been reading this blog for long, you'll know it has always been part of the logo and design.

I love lavender because it smells wonderful, is beautiful to look at, and has amazing calming qualities.

There are many ways to use lavender. Around here we've used lavender it in a body scrub, bath soak, hair mask, as a relaxing eye pillow, and even added to cookies.

I love lavender so much I wrote a book about it: DIY Lavender Creations

One simple method of using lavender that I haven't discussed here before is lavender vinegar.

Lavender vinegar is so easy to make and can be used in many different ways.

Uses for Lavender Vinegar include:

  • as an all-purpose cleaner
  • hair rinse
  • sink deodorizer
  • fabric softener
  • as bath soak ( add 1/2 cup to your bath)
  • to clean mirrors

How to Make Lavender Vinegar

You will need:

  • 1 part lavender buds to 4 parts vinegar (examples: 1/4 cup lavender buds to 1 cup white vinegar, or 1 cup lavender to 4 cups vinegar).
  • glass jar


Place the lavender buds in a clean jar and pour vinegar over the top.

Cover jar with a plastic lid. If you only have a metal lid, place a layer of plastic wrap between the lid and the vinegar (this will prevent the lid from rusting).

Let sit for 2-3 weeks.

Strain the lavender flowers from the vinegar. Save the infused vinegar in a clean jar.

Add to spray bottles for use as cleaner or hair rinse.

 This method also works for creating lavender-infused oil. 

Dried lavender can be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs. 

Do you love lavender too?

You might enjoy my DIY Lavender Creations ebook. It's only $5.99!

diy lavender creations ebook

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