Homemade Lavender Pillows

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lavender pillows

Lavender pillows are usually very small pillows filled with lavender buds. They are not large enough for sleeping on, but rather, a little sachet of comfort to tuck in beside you at night.

Lavender is an herb well-known for it's soothing qualities.

Sometimes lavender pillows are used as eye-pillows and are created to be placed across the eyes and forehead to aid in rest and relaxation. Others are made as a sort of sachet and used to keep drawers of clothing smelling fresh.

Other herbs or seeds may be mixed with lavender. Chamomile is an excellent choice and adds to the calming and relaxing power of lavender. Flaxseed is another common addition to pillows such as this since it gives the pillow a nice feel.


Image by Sweet Jessie

I have enjoyed using lavender pillows over the years and have even made one.

My sewing skills are fairly limited. I can sew a straight line (almost) and that's about it. But, I could make a lavender pillow! And it didn't take long either.

Because my skills are so limited, I didn't think it wise for me to write up a sewing tutorial. I'm sure I'd get all the terms wrong and it would be very confusing. So, today I am going to share a few tutorials others have created, including a simple video that shows how to create a small, hand-sewn lavender pillow that you can make with your kids.

Lavender pillows are great for those who need a little help with relaxation in the evening hours. The scent of lavender, tucked up close, helps create a peaceful atmosphere.

lavender sachet

 Image by eppujensen

Here are a number of good tutorials that explain (and demonstrate) how to make  various types of lavender pillows:

Lavender Eye Pillow @ Learning Herbs

Lavender Eye Pillow Tutorial @ Stitching Circle

DIY Flaxseed and Lavender Neck Pillow @ Frontier Coop

Rice Shoulder Heating Pad with Lavender @ Crafty Endeavor

No-Sew Scented Sachets @ By Stephanie Lynn (Under the Table and Dreaming)

Lavender Love Notes (Scrap Sachet) @ Petite Purls

Stamped Lavender Sachets @ Design Sponge

Red Ted Art shows a simple method of helping kids make a lavender pillow.


I usually buy lavender in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs.

If you have any lavender left over, you might like to try making this simple lavender salve. It's easy and smells wonderful!

shg 5This is Day 7 in the 31 Days of Simple, Homemade Gifts Series. 


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  1. Those flower and scalloped trimmed pillows are the sweetest thing I’ve seen yet. What a lovely idea! I wonder if they were made with vintage hankies? Sure would love to try making one. Thank you for posting this.