Homemade Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are a great addition to your natural laundry routine. They help laundry dry faster and cut down on static.

The best dryer balls are made from wool as it absorbs water very well.

Dryer balls are readily available for purchase, but have you ever thought about making your own?

It’s pretty easy and kind of fun, a little relaxing too, but it should be noted that homemade dryer balls aren’t significantly cheaper than buying ready-made dryer balls, so it may not be a money-saving project.

However, for the die-hard DIYer, homemade dryer balls are a truly satisfying project.

They are super simple to make and you only need a few items.

Step-by-step instructions are below, but you would like to see how they are made via video demonstration, scroll down to watch the video I created for you.

You will need

1 skein 100% wool yarn (I use Paton's roving yarn)
1 crochet hook (this is optional. You can use your finger instead)
1 pair pantyhose (can use one knee high pantyhose)

Important notes:

Be sure to use 100% wool yarn or else it will not felt.

One skein is enough to make two dryer balls. If you wish to make more, be sure to buy enough wool.

Do not use extra bright colors such as red or purple as these may bleed onto clothing.


Put two fingers together and wrap yarn around them 10-12 times.

Remove fingers from the yarn. Squeeze yarn together.

Wrap yarn around the center 10-12 times (wrapping in a different direction than you did the first time).

Continue to wrap in all directions until the yarn forms a ball. Keep going until it is close to the size of a tennis ball. It can be a little smaller.

Cut the yarn and use the crochet hook to pull the loose end of yard under a few strands (you can also do this with your finger). Loop the loose end under and over until it is tucked and woven into the ball. Kind of like tying off string. You are aiming to keep the loose end in the ball and not hanging free (to keep the yarn from unraveling).

I usually forgo the crochet hook and just used my fingers to poke the yarn over and under and tuck it in. So that is a possibility if you find yourself without a crochet hook.

Use the rest of the yarn to make another ball.

Cut one leg from the pantyhose (or use knee highs!). Place wool balls inside pantyhose and tie a knot between each ball so they are not touching one another. Tie off each end of the pantyhose so the balls are securely fastened inside.

Wash and dry wool balls (in pantyhose) with laundry 2-4 times, or until they “felt.” You will know they have felted when they become solid.

This is best done with warm or hot water. Cold water will not felt.

If any of this is confusing, watch the video below:

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