Herbal Remedies Notebook

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A few weeks ago I share how to create a home remedies notebook in a live video on Facebook and Instagram. This was my hand-written method, but I thought it would be fun to make a printable version so you could print it out and make your own home remedies notebook in a matter of minutes.

Click here to download the notebook and print it out. Read on to learn how to use it.

See my Facebook video below:

P.S. The Fresh Start Program I mention in the video is now closed. But you can get on the waitlist for the next round here.

The Herbal Remedies Notebook is a very simple notebook, but it can help you keep track of what your family has used, different things that have worked for different illnesses, and other important information.

It's a great learning tool if you are just getting started with home remedies but also works beautifully as a health record of sorts.

How to Use the Herbal Remedies Notebook

Click here to download the notebook and print it out.

Write the name of the patient (usually one of the kids at my house! But it's great to do for yourself as well). Also, note the date and their age.

List whatever symptoms they're experiencing. Then brainstorm some possible remedies.

When brainstorming remedies you may want to get out some trusted books, talk to a friend, or even I may even Google a little. Although, that can get you in trouble. You know Dr. Google is dangerous!

Jot down some possible remedies. And then, once you've thought about that a little, decide what you're going to use.

List the remedies that you actually use. How you administered them (write notes such as “gave 1 tsp. every two hours, and so on).

Lastly, write down how those worked (that's what to write under “Outcome”). For example, if you gave them something for a fever, did their fever go down? How long did it take?

You can also jot down other notes such as when they started feeling better, what the date was, any information you feel is relevant.

Having something like this on hand is kind of like your own personal health record. It's really handy. Especially, if you notice different illnesses coming back, you can flip back through your notebook and see what worked for what kid at what time because, as you know, everyone's different. And sometimes, something that works great for one person, doesn't work for the other.

If you are trying to learn more about herbs, you really might enjoy making one of these.

Another fun way to expand this notebook is to keep a running list of different remedies that you're interested in trying.

Also, make notes about various remedies you hear or read about that don't want make yourself but might like to research further or buy premade.

Wrote down the names of those, what you've heard, which brands have been recommended, dosages, and so on. It's very helpful to have all of this information in one place.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you've used an Herbal Remedies Notebook before and how it's worked for you.

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