DIY Facial Serum Recipe

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My favorite facial serums usually contain Rosehip seed oil. It is incredibly nourishing to the skin and can even be used alone as a serum.⁣

Many like to dab in on “crow’s feet” as an eye serum of sorts.⁣

Rosehip seed oil is a dry oil. The good thing about this quality is that is absorbs into the skin relatively quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue.⁣ I love incorporating it into facial serums along with other nourishing oils.⁣

If you’ve not made a facial serum before, it’s quite easy! Simply measure out the ingredients and place into a bottle!⁣

That said, it can take some time to find the oils that are right for your skin.⁣

The following recipe is one that works well for many people.⁣ It is well-suited to normal to dry skin.⁣

Please note, the essential oils in this recipe are entirely optional. The do brings some lovely qualities (as well as fragrance) to this serum, but it will still work without them.⁣

DIY Facial Serum Recipe

1 T. Rosehip seed oil⁣
2 tsp. Jojoba oil⁣
1 tsp. Avocado oil⁣
1 drop Helichrysum essential oil⁣
1 drop Frankincense essential oil
1 drop⁣ lavender essential oil⁣

Mix all ingredients in a dropper bottle. Massage a few drops into clean skin.⁣

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