Why I Love Mountain Rose Herbs for DIY Ingredients

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If you've looked over many of my DIY posts and tutorials, you'll notice that I often recommend purchasing supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs. Since I do that so often, I thought it might be time to share WHY I purchase from, and recommend them, so much.

Way back when I purchased my first DIY Body care book (in 2007), I sat down and researched where to buy ingredients. I started it with very simple stuff I could get at the grocery store, like sugar, oil, and Epsom salt, but eventually, I needed other ingredients, like beeswax to make salves, ointments, creams, and lip balms.

Besides magical beeswax (which changed everything!), my first order also included a number of essential oils. Having both of these on hand really allowed me to take off with home remedies and natural body care products.

Now I could go crazy making all manner of things, like the ones pictured below:

Since that initial order, I've been using Mountain Rose Herbs for most of my home remedy and natural body care supplies and ingredients. Occasionally I will order elsewhere, but for the most part, it's all from MRH.

Why I Love Mountian Rose Herbs:

  1. Great Prices
    For the most part, Mountain Rose Herbs has excellent prices on bulk ingredients. You may find some products cheaper at other places, but generally, MRH can be relied upon to have good deals. They also offer bulk discounts.
  2. Monthly Specials
    Every month MRH discounts a number of items. Discounts often range from 10-35% but may be larger.
    Click here to see the current specials/sales.
  3. Wide Selection
    When I need a specialty item, I can usually find it at Mountain Rose Herbs. I like that I can buy all of my body care supplies, containers, and herbs all in once place.I don't generally buy many of their pre-made items because I like to DIY so much, but they do have a great selection of herbs and spices, organic teas, bath and body products, and aromatherapy supplies.
  4. Excellent Experience
    In my ten years of ordering from Mountain Rose Herbs, I've always had a great experience. They have a very straight-forward and simple return policy that really puts the consumer first.
  5. Transparency
    Mountain Rose shares a lot about their beginnings as well as the company's growth and practices. I appreciate that and feel confident buying from them.

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