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How many salt lamps is too many salt lamps? I'm asking for a friend 🙂

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I recently received a Grey Salt Lamp from So Well and it is one of my favorite things! Now I want one for every corner of the house!

I've had salt lamps for many years and long been fascinated with the benefits associated with them. But none of the salt lamps I've owned previously can compare to this one from So Well.

I've already written about the benefits of salt lamps, but want to reiterate just how lovely they are. Not only do salt lamps help neutralize ions, they also bring a sense of peace and calm to the home.

At least that's how I experience them.

I am a visual person and atmosphere is very important to me, especially in my home. I find the glow emitted by salt lamps to be so comforting and delightful, it honestly brings me a lot of joy.

I'm not being dramatic about it. That's the truth! If you are the same, you know what I mean!

One thing I adore about my So Well salt lamp is the dimmer cord. This gives me the ability to turn the light up and down. I can have it as bright as it will go, or dim it to a faint glow.

This is a nice option as I can have the amount of light I want to each situation or mood.

The other aspect of So Well salt lamps that I love is their unique color and shape.

These are not cookie-cutter salt lamps. They are the real thing.

The salt lamps I owned before now were very uniform in shape and not overly interesting. So Well lamps are hand excavated and imported from the Himalayan mountains. They are beautifully sculpted and have a gorgeous rustic look. No lamp is identical to another. Each is entirely unique. One of a kind.

I also love the fact that Salt lamps from So well are available in various sizes.

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And colors.

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Aren't they beautiful?

Healthy Home Decor

Salt lamps are a great way to add beauty to your home while also bringing health benefits. Very little home decor can do that! Except for plants.

I find salt lamps are wonderful for promoting relaxation as well as adding rustic style to any room.

Even though they are said to aid in EMF reduction and also purify that air (see my previous post for more information) I find one of the greatest benefits to be the peaceful glow they emit. 

A few ideas for styling Salt Lamps:

#1 – Tuck one on a side table next to a recliner or rocking chair to create a restful nook.

# 2- Group salt lamps together to create a bold statement.

Create a large group of 4 or 5 lamps:

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Or place two together of different sizes:

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Pictured above is Rare White Salt Lamps – so gorgeous!

#3 – Place one in the bathroom as a pleasant night light

Find your way to the restroom without having to turn on any harsh lights!

#4 – Place one next to your computer for good vibes during work hours.

Having a salt lamp next to the computer may help combat EMF pollution as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing object to look at when your eyes need a rest from the screen.

So Well even has USB lamps you can plug directly into the computer!

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#5 – Pair salt lamps with plants for a natural look – works in just about any room.

So, can you see why I'm asking how many is too many? Because I want them everywhere! 

I highly recommend checking out So Well for truly unique and genuine salt lamps.

They also carry other fun items like salt candle holders and Hot Cold Salt packs.

Click here to visit So Well.


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