Benefits of Salt Lamps

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Salt lamps are beautiful, but did you know they have health benefits as well?

One of the main benefits of salt lamps is the negative ions help produce. 

Salt lamps don't produce negative ions themselves but are naturally hygroscopic, which means they attract airborne water molecules. The light bulb inside a salt lamp brings enough heat to accelerate evaporation. It is this evaporation process that produces negative ions. any people are reporting that salt lamps are very helpful in reducing allergy symptoms.

The main reason salt lamps are helpful is that they produce negative ions.

What is a Negative Ion?

A quote from this article explains it well:

“Negative ions are created when a molecule gains a negatively charged electron. Due to this nature, they are statically attracted to airborne particles like dust, mold and other pollutants and potential allergens.”

Benefits of Negative Ions

Negative ions may help counteract the electromagnetic pollution we experience in our homes today from all of the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by the electronic products we use.

Negative ions may also help freshen the air.

Light and Color Therapy

Himalayan Salt lamps provide a beautiful warm glow. This is perfect for all day but also works well as a nightlight.

I personally find the light from salt lamps to be very soothing. The peaceful glow and ambiance produced by Himalayan salt lamps may be helpful in reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Soothing Allergies

The evidence is still anecdotal, but some people report a reduction in allergy symptoms when using salt lamps in their home.

How do salt lamps work:

“A heated salt lamp attracts humidity causing the surface of the salt crystal to become moist. This creates a buildup of negative ions and removes moisture from the air. The excessive positive ions from the air (which are produced by pollen, dirt, dust, and other pollutants), then bind with the negative ions produced by the lamp. This helps to neutralize the “electronic pollution” in the air and reduces allergens and irritants.” (Source)

How to Choose a Salt Lamp

All salt lamps are not created equal.

Many salt lamps sold in stores nowadays are cookie cutter lamps with lights that are too bright.

Salt lamps should give off a nice glow, but not enough light to completely illuminate a room.

Choose salt lamps that are fair trade and handmade.

Be sure the light is not too bright.

If you are choosing a lamp for a larger room, choose a larger salt lamp, or use multiple lamps.

Recommended Salt Lamps

I recommend Salt Lamps from a company called So Well.

So Well Salt lamps are the real deal.

Here's why I like them:

  • Fair Trade
    “…producers receive fair market prices, are free from labor abuses and use sustainable growing and production methods.”
  • Handmade by artisans in Pakistan
  • Many sizes, colors, and shapes available
  • Eco-friendly packaging

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