Snacks and more Snacks!

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This last week in the kitchen has been all about snacks! I purchased the Healthy Snacks to Go e-book (by Katie Kimball from and decided to cook my way through it.  I usually do that with new cookbooks. I am not very disciplined when it comes to taking my time, so we have had an abundance of snacks all week long.  No one is complaining!

I often feel a little nervous when purchasing e-books since it is not possible to flip through the pages (while sipping on tea at borders) beforehand. Occasionally I am disappointed, but thankfully this was not one of those times.

Our absolute favorite recipe so far is the Almond Power Bars.

They are truly delicious!  I mean it. Almonds plus chocolate, how can you go wrong? These call for ½ cup of almond butter, which I made because we didn’t have any.  I couldn’t help roasting the almonds first, which gave it an extra nutty flavor. So good.

Next up was a batch of Banana Flax muffins.

We all really enjoyed munching on these.  They contain a lot of flax and still taste good.

The baby tried to help me make them.

While mixing the batter, I misjudged how close she was to the bowl and she stuck her hand right in it! Everyone had a good laugh over that.

Last of all we made Take-along Spelt Biscuits.

Spelt Biscuits

They only contain a few ingredients and are very easy to make.  I was also happy to see that they contain coconut oil, which gives an extra boost of nutrition. We ate them all in one day.

Katie has a bunch of other tasty recipes in the book; I’ve only just begun to cook through it.  I plan to make Popeye Bars and Peanut Butter Kisses next.

One of our other kitchen adventures this week was the making of a Shaker cake with my 8 year old daughter. It is called a “Shaker” cake because you put all the ingredients into a ½ gallon jar and shake them up!  She had a great time doing this.  We took step-by-step pictures and will work on a tutorial later in the week.


I signed up to be an affiliate for this e-book because I was so pleased with it. (I only endorse products I actually use and love.)  If you click through my link to purchase, I will receive a small commission, which is very much appreciated 🙂

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  1. Those all look delish! You may have just convinced me to go buy the book. I’ll be checking back on that cake tutorial. Sounds like something my son would love. Glad to have found your blog!

    1. Thanks Tara. I don’t think you could be disappointed in the book. The recipes are very tasty!
      I’m looking forward to sharing the cake tutorial. It should be up by Thursday or Friday.

  2. Those almond bars are amazing. What else is amazing is my crazy kids don’t like them, which means I “have” to eat them all by myself. Humph, crazy kids.

    Your photo of your baby’s hand in the batter is precious.

    1. Crazy children indeed! You poor thing, having to eat them all by yourself 🙂
      My family likes them so much I’m making a double batch today. Roasted my almonds last night for the almond butter part. Yum.

  3. You’ve done an amazing job working your way through Katie’s ebook. It is a great cookbook! I look forward to your shaker cake tutorial. Thanks for adding your post to the Tuesday Twister – I hope you’ll be back again!

    1. Thanks Wardeh. I plan to be back for Tuesday Twister next week. There is always something twisting in my kitchen!