5 Ways to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil

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The sharp medicinal scent of tea tree essential oil is hard to mistake. It's one of the best essential oils to keep on hand for all-natural cleaning, skincare, and home remedies.

It's also one of the least expensive essential oils, so it's a good idea to learn to the various ways to use it so you can make the most of it and maximize your savings.

What is Tea Tree Essential Oil?

You may be wondering, what exactly is tea tree essential oil? How is it made and what part of the plant is used?

Tea tree essential oil is steam distilled. It is made from the leaves of the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). The tea tree is commonly found in Australia.

What are the beneficial properties of tea tree essential oil?

Tea tree essential oil is high in monoterpenes and monoterpenols. It is thought to be antiviral, antibiotic, antiparasitic, and anti-inflammatory.

5 Ways to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil

#1 – Diffuse

Diffusing Tea tree essential oil may help kill airborne bacteria. Add tea tree essential oil to diffuser according to the directions specific to your diffuser.

#2 – Inhale via Steam Inhalation

Tea tree essential oil is often used to help clear congestion during a cold. When performing a steam inhalation with essential oil it's important to remember that more is not better. You only need 1 drop of tea tree essential oil in a bowl of hot water to perform an effective steam inhalation.

#3 – Treat Pimples

Dilute one drop of tea tree essential oil with 4 drops jojoba oil and apply to a pimple. Tea tree has a reputation for drying out pimples, and many recommend applying neat (undiluted), however, this can cause irritation and excess drying for some people.

#4 – Make an All-Purpose cleaning spray

A simple all-natural cleaning spray can be made by adding 10 drops of tea tree essential oil to a spray bottle and filling with 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 3/4 cup distilled water.

Enhance this cleaning spray by adding 10 drops of lavender.

Lavender pairs well with Tea tree essential oil.

#5 – Gargle for a Sore Throat

It is not recommended that you swallow tea tree essential oil, but using it diluted as a gargle may stop throat infections from progressing. Just be sure to spit it out after gargling.

Essential oil throat gargles are intended for use by adults, not young children.

To make a throat gargle with tea tree, add one drop of tea tree essential oil to a cup of warm water. Gargle and swish around the mouth, then spit out.

Can be repeated a few times throughout the day.

Warnings and Cautions

Tea tree essential oil can cause skin-sensitization if it has oxidized. Always test on a small patch of skin before using.

Where to Buy Tea Tree Essential Oil

I generally purchase Tea Tree Essential oil from Rocky Mountain Oils or Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs has their 1/2 ounce Organic Tea Tree Essential oil on sale for 25% off this month (April). So it's only $5.63!

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