Why You Need a Shower Filter

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Many of us see the importance of using a filter for the water we drink, but there's good reason to consider a filter for the water we bathe in too.

Why Use A Shower Filter?

One of the worst offenders in our water is chlorine.

When we shower and bathe in it, the chlorine comes into contact with our skin, soaking into our bodies and eventually ending up in the bloodstream.

Chlorine in the body may disrupt the delicate balance of our microbiome and has been linked to cancer and other diseases.

It is believed that we actually absorb more chlorine through bathing than by drinking. This may be because the water is coming into contact with so much of the body. The fact that the water is warm also increases the ease at which it absorbs.

The warm temperature of the water also allows the chlorine (and other contaminants) to vaporize into the air, making them easier to inhale (another avenue for chlorine to be absorbed into the body).

This also contributes to indoor air pollution, which is actually a serious problem since we spend so much time in our homes.

Besides the health concerns with chlorine, it is quite drying to the skin and hair. Bathing in chlorine-filled water may also cause our skin and hair to be stripped of their natural moisture. Removing chlorine can help us have softer skin and hair. So, there are internal and external benefits to installing a shower filter.

Because of all the possible issues chlorine, it is a good idea to invest in a shower filter whenever possible.

Which Shower Filter is best?

I can only speak about the shower filters I've tried. Thankfully, the one we have right now is great and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

ClearlyFiltered sent me their Fixed Shower Head Filter (they also have a handheld filtered shower head) and I was excited to try it out.

We installed it in the kid's shower, but plan to get another for our shower as well.

It was quick and easy to install, taking just a few minutes.

Besides the peace of mind it gives, this is a great shower head in its own right. We enjoy that it has seven settings and can adjust the water flow to suit our personal preferences!

Our old showerhead didn't have that! It's a nice to have options.

Besides its functional use, this showerhead is stylish too. I like the clean look of chrome.

Here's a picture of it in the kid's bathroom. The shower stall is off-white, hence the coloring!


The Clearly Filtered Shower Head removes:

  • Free Chlorine (Cl-)
  • Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
  • Hydrogen Sulfate (rotten egg smell)
  • Iron oxide (rust water)
  • Dirt, sediment
  • Odors

Here are the top five reasons why I recommend it:

  • Up to 95% removal of Chlorine
  • Fits most all homes
  • Installs in minutes
  • Has seven settings
  • Stylish Chrome design

My family is very happy with the ClearlyFiltered Showed Head. We love that it is contributing to the reduction of indoor air pollution in our home and helping to keep chlorine out of our bodies.

Visit ClearlyFiltered to learn more.

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