DIY After-Dinner Digestive Tea

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DIY After-Dinner Digestive Tea - and glass teapot giveaway

Herbal teas are a simple way to enjoy the many health benefits of herbs.

I, quite honestly, adore herbal tea. And not just for it's health benefits; the process of preparing, smelling, and sipping it, are equally enjoyable.

Often times, loose leaf herbal teas are superior than the tea bag variety. Not to say that all tea bags are bad, but rather, loose leaf is often better. One of the reasons is that the leaves have more room to unfurl and infuse the water. It's also been noted that some tea bags contain added flavorings, and even some preservatives that are less than desirable.

Today I'd like to show just how easy it is to prepare loose leaf tea, and even create your own tea blend 

Since it is the season for a little over indulgence, I thought it fitting to share an after-dinner digestion tea. As you will see, all it takes is a little measuring and mixing, and you're done!

After-Dinner Digestion Tea

digestive tea

Recipe adapted from Herbal Teas.

This recipe contains spearmint and licorice root. Both are excellent for enhancing digestion. Spearmint is especially soothing to the stomach, which the licorice root adds a little sweetness and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. 


1 parts spearmint leaves
1/8 part dried licorice root

Optional: enhance digestion (and flavor) by adding a few cloves and a sprinkle of fennel.


Mix the spearmint and licorice root together. If using 3 ounces of spearmint, use 10.5 grams of licorice root. If using only 1 ounce of spearmint, use 3.5 grams of licorice root.

Store in a glass jar.

Use 1 tablespoon per cup when brewing tea.

 My favorite way to brew tea: in a Glass Teapot or Infuser

Glass, a chemically inert material, does not absorb odors or chemical residues, making it an excellent choice for brewing. (-From Mighty Nest.)

Plus, glass is also aesthetically pleasing, which truly enhances the tea drinking experience (if you ask me).

So, yes, if I get to choose, I choose glass. My second choice is ceramic.


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  1. I have just been introduced to loose teas by a friend and am amazed at what I have been missing! I am so glad to be learning about this! I have yet to be able to afford a proper loose tea teapot and would love to have a glass one!

  2. This is great! I like lose leaf tea, I drink my jasmine tea that way. That digestive tea would be helpful and since it’s herbal dare i say it’s caffeine free?

  3. I would LOVE a glass tea pot!!!! I’m learning about loose leaf teas and can’t wait to start brewing and drinking loose leaf. So excited!!! 🙂

  4. Since it’s for me, I’d like the tea sampler. If I were choosing for my family, probably more stainless steel cups and/or children plates.

  5. I would LOVE the organic queen mattress!!! I’ve been really wanting to replace ours, since I’ve learned of the health effects, but they are so pricey. We might end up getting a mattress pad at some point, just because I can’t believe we breath in all that junk while sleeping! 😛

  6. I love their selection of reusable water containers!! I’d have a difficult time trying to choose only one, but, I’m going to look again and try!

  7. I would love a mattress!! We really need a new one….. Love the give a way. I totally agree that the glass looks so much better!

  8. That teapot looks amazing. I’m putting it on my wish list for sure! The recipe for the after dinner tea looks yummy… I’m going to try it.

  9. While I love so much of Mighty Nest’s inventory, what I would love right now is a variety of reusable snack and sandwich bags. I am a long-time sewer, but I can’t seem to get any made for myself and it is painful how many plastic bags I go through during my work week 🙁

  10. Winning anything would be a blessing! Would probably pick the mattress though. Have a Merry Christmas and thank you!