What to do when you can’t change everything

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Tips to minimize exposure to toxins when you can’t replace everything right away

There’s a chance you want to replace many of your personal care products right now, but it may not be possible for a number of reasons. Perhaps you haven’t got the finances at the moment, or maybe it’s difficult to find the products you need. Whatever the case, there are a few ways to minimize exposure when you are still using conventional personal care products.

Replace one or two products

Reduced exposure is reduced exposure. Even if you are still using some conventional products, you are still using less, and that’s reducing your body burden. If you can replace one or two items that stay on your skin on a daily basis, you are making a great improvement.

Consider this quote from The Healthy Home, by Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz

“If you stop using two of ten products you use every day, you’re reducing your burden by 20 percent. Multiply that by 365 days of the year, year after year.”

-The Healthy Home, by Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz

Choose your make up days

If you are still using conventional cosmetics, you can reduce exposure to toxins by wearing makeup less often.

I know some of you might be horrified at the idea of going make up free! And if you absolutely don’t want to go without it, then definitely make replacing those products a priority. Especially your foundation.

But, if you are open to the idea of not wearing makeup, choose your days (or times) to stay bare-faced.

You might only wear makeup on the weekends, or only wear it when you leave the house and stay makeup free at home. Take a look at your schedule, and see how you can fit more makeup free time into your life.

Whatever you decide, wearing make up less than you do now, however much that is, will reduce your exposure to toxins.

Wash conventional cosmetics off your face as soon as possible

Now, when you do wear makeup, one way to minimize exposure to toxins is to wash it off as soon as possible.

Say you are going out to dinner, and you are wearing makeup that’s not great. You can reduce your exposure by washing it off as soon as you get home, instead of waiting until bedtime.

Make sure other areas of your life are healthy

Try to get enough sleep, drink lots of water, eat well, and exercise… yes, that's a lot! But it's the goal. The healthier you are in other areas of life, the better your body can deal with these toxins. Yes, they may still be going in, but the goal is to reduce your body burden. So, if you are reducing it into other areas, perhaps you can take a little longer to reduce it in the personal care arena.

Remember, you get to choose.

You get to choose which areas you focus on first (or ever).

I do believe personal care is a big one and one that would benefit you, but you are completely free to evaluate your life, budget, and resources in order to decide what is best for you right now.

Don't assume it is going to be too expensive. Yes, many items are quite expensive, but there are also quite a few natural items that's don't cost much more than their conventional counterparts.

Some are more expensive, for sure, but you can find cheaper options and many natural brands have sales throughout the year.

Perhaps you could even put some natural skincare or cosmetic products on your wishlist. They make great gifts!

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