Are All Essential Oils Created Equal? + win The Essential Oils Handbook

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This is a guest post from Lea at Nourishing Treasures.
Lea is on a mission to find the true quality of different brands of essential oils. I'm interested to know what she discovers.

A month ago in my Essential Oils 101 post I told you I wanted to test the quality of essential oils companies to see if we really need to fork over lots of cash – or if the less-expensive brand at the health food store would do the trick. I will be sending the same oil, frankincense, from 5 different essential oil companies (Young Living, doTERRA, Mountain Rose Herbs, Aura Cacia, and Essential Vitality) to a chemist and have him run them through his GC/MS, reporting back to me the constituents in the oils. I will be sending them to him un-marked brand-wise (they will be marked #1 – #5) so he won't even know which brands are which. We will discover if they are all basically the same, or if you really do get what you pay for.

In that same post I asked for your support in raising $1,000 to cover the $200 that the chemist charges per sample, and I have been overwhelmed by your generosity! Thank you so much to all who have sent donations! If you would like to donate, you may send PayPal funds (Personal, Gift, please, so no fees are removed) to [email protected]. All donors are listed here and I will include your website if you add it to the “notes” section when you send your donation. A $25+ donation will get your website listed on the top of this page, and $40+ will get you bolded as well. Thank you so much!

This is the giveaway I promised the members of the Learning About Essential Oils Facebook group I would do when we reached the halfway point – a point we passed on Friday. Today all of you will have a chance to win The Essential Oils Handbook. I recently purchased this book, and it's one of my favorites.

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  1. Would love to learn more about essential oils so I can feel confident using them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I would love to feel more confident about using essential oils. I’ve been wanting to add them to our change to a more healthy lifestyle, but it’s been a little overwhelming!

  3. I would love to know so much more about essential oils, what to use when, which oils are best for what, which ones to keep on hand!

  4. I am just learning about essential oils, and want to learn more, but, is this contest open to Canada?

  5. I am just now learning the essential oils can be used for much more than fragrance. I hope that I win so that I can learn how to treat my family medicinally with essential oils.

  6. I have an 8 week old and a 4 year old (who has some chronic health conditions and is sick seemingly all the time) and I’d love to raise them in a healthy household. I hate having to medicate my preschooler ALL the time and I’d love to learn natural ways to boost his health ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I am trying to learn all I can about essential oils. I think it is very important information to know how to help your body naturally.

  8. I haven’t used essential oils very much, but have heard lots of wonderful results people have had. I’d love to learn more.

  9. I haven’t used essential oils much, but having a book for reference would be really helpful in starting.

  10. I have been been on the fence about purchasing and using oils because of concerns about quality. I feel strongly that I need to get off the fence this year and incorporate oils into my family’s routine. Thank you for your blog and the way it helps me reach my healthy living goals.

  11. My mother in law in very into essential oils and recommends them for many different things. I’d love to have a guide help me get into it also.

  12. I would love a chance to win. I’m trying to do research on the topic now. This would make a wonderful home business for me, plus I love giving gifts to people. Homemade is the best. I’m a crocheter and want to branch out into another hobby, something my daughter and I can do together. Even if I don’t win, thank you for this fun give a way. Good luck to everyone who enters. And on a side note, how long does homemade body oil usually last? Shelf life?

  13. I have been researching natural, organic options on regular products we use in our homes and slather on our bodies that aren’t filled with toxins. Also am interested in organic health remedies for common irritations and conditions. I love that you are testing different brands of essential oils as I have been confused at what is safe, healthy, and the differences in all the options. I would love to win the book so I can have a comprehensive tool to make my home and family healthy from the inside out! Thank you for your dedication to getting the information out there as well as the opportunity to win a wonderful resource in this book! ๐Ÿ™‚