Glorious Notebooks!

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If you are a notebook addict like me, you will appreciate this…

Isn't it a beautiful sight!?

I went to Wal-mart and did our yearly notebook stock-up.  The 70 page spiral notebooks are on sale for 15 cents and the 100 page compositon notebooks are 25 cents.  They are both usually around $1 each.  So I spent $4.25 for 25 notebooks (20 spiral, 5 composition) instead of $25 (or rather, $24.25 – I think they are actually 97 cents usually).

I love having these for jotting down ideas or journaling.  They also hold my daily to-do lists.  The kids take them to church and make notes or draw pictures.  Sometimes they use them to write stories in or to do their school work.  My daughter enjoys them so much she requested notebooks for a birthday gift!

Maybe I should have bought a few more.  I wonder how long the sale will go for…

Are you a notebook person?  What do you use them for?

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  1. Ha! Yes! I get dragged, kicking and screaming, from stores all the time because I want more notebooks! I totally get this post on a VERY deep level.

    And your blog … it IS delightful. I will be back, and often. You’re my brand-new favorite.

  2. Yes, I have a notebook problem. Especially if they are on sale because I’m rather cheap. What a great bargain. I use them for anything that pops into my head. Sometimes I find an old notebook and laugh or cringe depending on the contents.

    Running to my WalMart now 😉

  3. I am drooling over these notebooks! I am such a journal person, too and use them for everything imaginable. Living in Costa Rica, I really miss those sales where you can buy things like that for pennies. These types of products are over double the cost here.

    1. It would be sad to have to pay so much for notebooks. Perhaps you will have to fill your suitcase with them next time you visit the States 🙂

  4. I love, LOVE notebooks! 25 notebooks is not enough for me to have around. Seriously, 50 is better:) My kids probably have 25 notebooks each in their rooms that they have written stories and drawn pictures in. Can’t get them to get rid of a single one!

    1. I’m glad someone else has kids who want to keep all their notebooks. When I see the little binders people keep with their kids drawings and stories in I laugh – because something like that would get filled in a day or two around here!

  5. I do also love notebooks! What’s worse? I work in an office supplies chain. Around notebooks all the time and can’t always buy them. I tend to buy different notebooks than these though. Pocket notebooks are mostly what I use. Much easier than trying to track my day-to-day on a smartphone. My phone is great, and I use it a lot (appointments, evernote for cataloging essentially, and dropbox for pics), but nothing beats that notebook and pen for the day-to-day organizing and thought catching.

  6. A girl after my own heart. Im a notebook journal freak. I have alot of composition notebooks, its insane. But I will spend money on nicer ones. But its really a prefernce. Im looking for a bargin all of the time. Its nice to know there are people out there with the love to keep so many memories.