A Day in the Life

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Today I'm joining my friend Rebekah and sharing an hour by hour snapshot of my day through pictures. To see Rebekah's day and the days of others, visit her Day in the Life post.

These photos document our day on Wednesday, January 18, 2012.

6:50am – Allowed myself to sleep in until the kids woke me up this morning. Was up late at our monthly Ladies devotional last night. It was fun! Went straight to the rocking chair with my toddler. Hoping she will be happy to sit a while as I adjust to being awake. I think it's 7am. Not sure.

7:50am – Making peanut butter so we can have some for breakfast. Using my favorite recipe.

8:50am – Checking my email and Facebook at the kitchen table while wrangling a toddler.

9:50am – Inspired by this post at Bigger Picture Blogs, we do a belated lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr. Watch his speech and draw some pictures. The kids also snag some playdoh. I snap a picture of the heart and post to the #BPCaptures stream in Instagram and Twitter.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is cheating, I know, but I want to show another picture from this time slot . . .

Still 9:50ish – My son drawing Martin Luther King, Jr.

10:50am – School at the table (while wrangling a toddler).

11:50am – Making energy balls. This is why I have crumbs in my laptop!

12:50pm – Outside pushing toddler on swing while watching the older two dig a hole. Our backyard is part sand, part dirt.

1:50pm – I'm reading Little House on the Prairie aloud while everyone eats lunch.

2:50pm – Toddler is napping, older two are in their rooms, I'm working out. Doing Turbo Fire.

3:50pm – Treating myself to a little blog reading after my workout. Now shutting it down  as my girl wakes up. Reading Time Warp Wife. She has a late nap because we will be out late tonight at Bible study.

4:50pm – At Target. I'm hoping this will be a big trip.

5:50pm – Heading home as the sun is setting. Excited that we got out of there in an hour!

6:50pm – Did not take a picture here! Mad dash to put groceries away, eat dinner, and get ready for Bible class.

7:50pm – Finishing up Bible class. I teach the toddler class.

8:50pm – Home again. Kids in bed. I finish making the energy balls I started this morning!

9:50pm – Forgot to take another picture! Was watching something on Hulu with my hubby, probably Castle.

Then to bed.

This is a pretty typical day. Full of random stuff! I am blessed.

Does this resemble anything you are doing through the day?

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  1. I cheated throughout the day, too — couldn’t stop taking photos once I got started!

    This looks a LOT like my normal days, with random sprinkled throughout. I wonder if there is any at-home mom in the world who has a completely straightforward, focused day? Hope not — poor them 😉

    (And I loved your BPCaptures photo from that day! Made my heart smile!)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah.

      It was fun to take pictures of the day, wasn’t it? I’ve a bunch more that I didn’t post.

      Glad to hear you days are similar to mine. I doubt there are many mothers (with little ones at home) that are able to have focused days on a consistent basis. I like going with the flow. They are only young for such a short time.

  2. #1 – I adore the laptop photo with the toddler foot!!! Stacy, do you have any idea how stinkin’ cute that is?!?!

    #2 – Of course you make your own peanut butter. Of course. 🙂 You are at least 20 shades darker green than I am. Maybe 100 shades.

    1. I love the baby foot picture too 🙂 Makes me laugh. And it certainly captures what my life is like at the moment!

      I’m probably not as green as you think I am, just obsessed with homemade goodies. But I’m pretty poor at recycling and paper towel usage 🙂

  3. I totally didn’t follow the rules either – I ended up with a few hours with collages…. oh well! This was so much fun! I love seeing how different families do different “green” things – different things work for different families!