Best 100 Juices for Kids (& Nourishing Carrot-Pear-Beet Juice Recipe)

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Best 100 Juices for Kids |

Juice and kids seem to go together.

When my children were younger, it seemed every play date and park trip was not complete without a juice box.

As I learned more about natural living, I steered away from conventional juices, but still enjoyed a fresh one from time to time (and a boxed one every now and then too).

I love fresh juice for a number of reasons:

1. Juicing is fun

Juices can be made in a variety of colors and flavors. My family enjoys watching the fruits and vegetables go into the juicer whole and come out the other side as a colorful liquid.

It's fun to see the colors layer up as you juice different vegetables; then stir it all together at the end.

My son has been dubbed the juice man at our house and does most of the juicing for all of us. My youngest child usually sits close by to watch, and I enjoy seeing him work hard and have fun at the same time.

It's also a great opportunity to teach children about different fruits and vegetables.

My son making juice.

2. Juicing is tasty

Many juices are absolutely delicious. Especially if you have a good recipe (like the ones in this book).

Juicing is a great way to make consuming vegetables an enjoyable experience.

Plus, juices provide a healthier alternative to other “tasty” drinks that kids (and grown-ups) are drawn to.

3. Juicing a great way to get extra nutrients without eating a plate full of vegetables

Have you ever seen how many fruits and vegetables can fit into one cup of juice? A ton!

I think juicing is a great addition to a healthy diet because it is a quick way to get a lot of nutrition.

Jessica Fisher has written an excellent book to help with all your juicing needs: Best 100 Juices for Kids

100 Best Juices for Kids.jpg


This book is fantastic.

I expected to see a number of recipes I wanted to try, but didn't think almost every page would hold something delightful! But that's what I found! The list of recipes I want to make from this book is very long.

This book is not just for kids; adults will find lots of delicious drinks too.

Best 100 Juices for Kids isn't exclusively about juices (although it is mostly about juices), it also contains recipes from smoothies, slushies, ice pops, “sparklies” and other lovely concoctions.

By the way, “sparklies” are drinks with bubbles or carbonation. These are a great alternative to soda!

High on my list of drinks to make is the Lemon-Lime Sports Ade. I think that one is going to help me though some of my workouts this summer.

With this book on hand you'll never have to wonder what fruits and veggies go well together or be at a loss of what drink to make next time your kids ask for something yummy to drink.

The following juice recipe comes from Best 100 Juices for Kids. It has a wonderful pinky-purple hue that kids will love.

We Got the Beet! (Carrot-Pear-Beet Juice)

Recipe from Best 100 Juices for Kids

Makes 15 to 20 ounces


5 medium carrots

2 medium pears

1 large beet


Trim the carrots. Core the pears. Trim and peel the beet then cut it into quarters.

Juice the carrots, beets, and pears according to the directions on your juicing machine.

One all have been juiced, take a moment to admire the layers of color, then whisk to combine.

If your family prefers a milder taste, add water to dilute.

 Do you enjoy making fresh juice? If so what's your favorite fruit and veggie combination?

I received a copy of Best 100 Juices for Kids at no cost. All opinions are my own. I like this book! For real.

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