Manuka Honey for Dogs: How to Use It

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While we focus even more on ways to maintain the health of our loved ones, let's not forget our four-legged family members. They do so much to help us reduce stress! Stress levels can make a huge impact on the health of your immune system and those with pups are shown to have a lot less health issues than those without.

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Did you know Manuka honey is great for dogs?! It’s true!

The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial properties of Manuka honey are not just great for humans, they benefit our pups too. Especially when it comes to wound care and overall health support. I recommend Pacific Resources International 10+ (or higher) Manuka honey because it is high quality and full of antibacterial activity!

Manuka honey for dogs wounds: 

Apply manuka honey directly to wounds or soak wound dressing in honey then apply to affected area. This is useful for abrasions, burns, irritated skin, lacerations, small cuts, and sores.

Internal Uses for Manuka Honey with Dogs:

Honey can be given to dogs as needed to ease various conditions. It is useful for kennel cough where the antibacterial nature of Manuka fights the infection as well as soothes the throat. GI issues (such as colitis, IBD, and gastritis) may also benefit from Manuka honey.

Manuka honey is a good daily supplement to support optimal gut health and general wellbeing.

Many also suggest that Manuka honey can help bring energy to dogs who are experiencing sluggishness.

Maunka oil is also great for dogs and can be added to their shampoo for healthier skin and coat. Manuka oil helps repel fleas and ticks too!

Is Manuka Honey Safe for dogs?

In general manuka honey is safe for dogs, but should not be used for dogs under one year old. It is not appropriate for use internally for overweight dogs or dogs with diabetes. You should check with your vet to ensure it is safe for your dog before using.

How much honey to feed your dog:

Many experts suggest smaller dogs take 1 teaspoon per day and larger breeds up to a tablespoon. It really depends on the size of the dog, their age, and current state of health. If you’re not sure how much honey is safe for your dog, talk to your dog’s vet to determine just how much is the right amount of honey for your dog.

It is not recommended to give honey to dogs that are obese, diabetic, or are under the age of one. 

Do you think your dog would like honey?

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