How to Save Money & Clean with Microfiber Cloths the Natural Way

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How to Save Money and Clean Your Home the Natural Way with Microfiber Cloths |

Cleaning can seem like an exercise in futility that is exhausting leaving you feeling tired and frustrated. Add to that concerns over toxic chemicals found in many of the cleaning supplies lining the shelves at the grocery store and one might wish to just give up on the task altogether. But then where would that leave our homes? The best possible solution is to forego the toxic cleaning supplies and opt for a more natural option, microfiber cloths.


They are cloths are made from 50% polyester and 50% polyamide, which is another name for nylon. These two forms of plastic are fused together then split into tiny threads which are 10 to 50 times thinner than human hair. These threads can then be woven to form cloth.

Because they are essentially made of plastic, they last a very long time. You will get many, many years of use from these cloths. In fact, these may just be one of those products that you pass on to the next generation.


Because the individual fibers are so small and so tightly woven they are very absorbent. Some cloths can hold up to 7 pounds of water! Isn't that incredible? Additionally, because of the unique texture and tight weave microfiber cloth that is ideal for cleaning. Why? Microfibers can attach to any particle that is smaller than itself making them ideal for wiping up small particles. What's up to 50x smaller than human hair? Well, just about everything at the cellular level, including, dust and bacteria.

This unique fabric gets even more special when you realize that you no longer need toxic chemicals to do your cleaning. Yes, that's right. With microfiber you can simply add a bit of water, yes, water, to literally clean every surface in your home.


How to Save Money and Clean Your Home the Natural Way with Microfiber Cloths |

A damp microfiber cloth is all you need to clean your countertops, stove, your appliances, sink, cabinets and even your floor.

But the cleaning doesn't stop there. You can do all of your dusting with a damp microfiber cloth.  You can even clean those unseen areas of your home, like the top of the fridge or the top of ceiling fan blades.

You know that nothing is dirtier in a home that the bathroom. But you can rest assured that the anti-bacterial quality of the microfiber cleans grunge away leaving only a clean, healthy environment for you and your family.

  • Kitchen
    • Counter-tops: Wipe up spills and messes with ease.
    • Cutting Board: Wipe down your cutting board without worry of leaving behind bacteria.
    • Appliances: With just a little bit of dampness on the microfiber cloth you can leave your appliances sparkling clean.
    • Stove-top: The abrasive quality of the microfiber can clean up even the toughest stuck on food without scratching your surfaces.
    • Sink: Again leave your kitchen sink sparkling clean using a damp microfiber cloth and rest assured you are also wiping away any bacteria which might be there.
    • Dishes: Yes, you can even clean your dishes with safety and ease because by only using a cloth with water, you’re wiping away food particles and any bacteria that might be there leaving dishes sparkling clean.
  • Living Areas
    • Furniture: Dusting is never easier than with a damp cloth that picks up dust, hair, and dirt. Simply rinse occasionally with water and keep dusting. Because it's so absorbent the cloth doesn't leave your furniture wet, and picks up dust like a vacuum.
    • Windows: With just a damp microfiber you will get the most sparkling clean window you've ever seen with no streaking whatsoever. The cloth absorbs any water as you clean leaving only clear glass behind.
    • Floors: With hardwoods, or laminate it's a simple matter of wiping down to clean up the floors. Some companies offer microfiber mop pads making for ease and convenience, but a regular microfiber cloth will work just as well if you don't want to purchase the extra mop pad.
    • Carpet: With microfiber being so absorbent you can clean up spills on carpets with ease leaving behind no trace of the spill. With a little water, these cloths have also been known to clean stains from carpet with a bit more elbow grease.
  • Bathroom 
    • Sink: Wipe down all around the sink including the faucet knowing that with just a bit of water you are wiping away grime and bacteria leaving only clean, safe, surfaces.
    • Mirrors: Just as with windows, they leave your mirrors sparkling clean with no streaking.
    • Shower/Tub: Add a cloth to a nearby shower hook and daily wipe down the walls and floor as you are showering for ease of clean. The cloth will pick up soap scum and any other thing that might be lurking in the shower.
    • Floors: Just as in other areas of your home the microfiber cloth works well to clean up any spills, of any kind, all around the bathroom floor and pick up any dust that might be lurking under cabinets, shelves, or hampers as well. Nowhere is it more necessary to ensure the floors are clean than in the bathroom around the toilet and microfiber does an excellent job there as well.
    • Toilet: Yes! Even the toilet itself is made clean and safe with a microfiber cloth. The tiny, absorbent fibers get into the toughest of crannies, and clean the toughest of bacteria causing substances. Of course when you are cleaning away bacteria you are eliminating odors and that is a very good thing.
    • Body Care: Ok so you may want to have some dedicated just for this use, but you can use just microfiber cloths as washcloths with a bit of water, you can clean your whole body without the use of soaps. If you prefer soap of some type, simply use an all-natural soap product such as, the bar soaps from the Oregon Soap Company  (or try Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap).

Think of how much money you can save by not buying on the shelf cleaning supplies! You really do only need a bit of hot water with your microfiber cloths. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils like lemon oil, or orange oil if you like to leave behind a clean aroma as you clean. Other oils you might consider using are eucalyptus, mint, or lavender.

If you do want to use some kind of soap, consider all-natural soaps that are oil based. But, it really isn't necessary.

How to Save Money and Clean Your Home the Natural Way with Microfiber Cloths |


Microfiber Cloths have been around for a few decades now but have only grown in popularity for home use in the past 5 years or so. Perhaps that's because we are becoming so much more aware of what toxins are doing to our lives. There are many resources for finding microfiber cloths.

  • Automotive shops: These cloths have been sold in automotive shops for a long time because their absorbent nature makes them ideal for washing and drying car surfaces.
  • Bulk Stores or Department Stores: You can usually buy in bulk from larger stores. The cloths come in larger sizes but you can cut in half for various uses, including making dishcloth size cloths.
  • Grocery Stores: Because microfiber is becoming more common, even your local grocery might carry these handy, easy to use, cleaning cloths.
  • Grove Collaborative – as I mentioned in this post, I like to order some of my cleaning supplies. Grove Collaborative is my favorite place to get them, and thankfully they also carry microfiber cloths!
  • Norwex
  • Skoy Cloths


They can be laundered with your towels; it is recommended that you use a natural laundry soap product. Other soaps can leave a build-up in the cloth over time, which then leaves your surfaces vulnerable to residue. They also can be dried in the dryer.  You will even find that your towels may dry quicker with a few microfiber cloths in the mix, because of their super-absorbent nature. However, you may find that you prefer to hang them to dry because the heat of the dryer can slightly alter the texture of the cloth; however, they still work just as well.

As you can see, microfiber cloths really do make cleaning your home more convenient, less expensive, and less toxic.

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