Visiting Earthbound Farm

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A few years ago I was able to visit Earthbound Farm in Carmel Valley, California.  It was fun to go to the farm since I have purchased a number of Earthbound products over the years.  I was recently able to go back and had a lovely time yet again!

Spending some time with my family, outside, among fresh, happy plants, is a finer thing!

My favorite part was the organic herb garden.  I didn't realize that so many herbs had multiple varieties. And every herb has a nice little sign so they can easily be identified. It was very educational for me!

You can snip fresh herbs and buy them.  But I was inspired to get my herb garden going at home!  So many of them grow like weeds, which is prefect for a lazy gardener like me 🙂

The kids really enjoyed the Kid's garden.  They ran around and around.

The baby enjoyed being outside and even got a bite of ice cream!  She wasn't sure what to think about it though.  We also put a chamomile flower between her toes 😉

Wish this picture didn't have my shadow in it!

They have a little store with  fruit, vegetables, and some specialty items. I bought some roasted walnut oil for a salad dressing I've been wanting to make.  Recipe to come…if it's good 🙂

Last time I visited Earthbound farm I purchased co-founder, Myra Goodman's book, Food to Live By.  It has become a favorite. Especially the Maple Almond Granola recipe.  Mmmm.

You can find out more about Earthbound Farm on their website.  They also have a bunch of recipes.

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  1. The flower between the toes is just adorable!! Sounds like a fun trip- I’m so envious of herb gardens. We have about three herbs growing in our yard but I’d love to just walk out there and grab whatever I needed.

  2. we were stationed in monterey last year and i got to take my kids and friends to the earthbound organics farm — its probably one of my most favorite things we did living near there! the herb garden is to die for!! they have a darling store/grocery and lovely tables to eat those wonderful sandwiches! i am so glad you enjoyed it there too!