What Hard Work Can Teach Us

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What Hard Work Can Teach Us | aDelightfulHome.com

Do you ever people-watch?

You know, sit at the mall, park, or coffee shop and just observe the human race?

It's fascinating.

Every person has a story.

And each story is unique and interesting.

I've often thought how any life could be the subject of a book or movie; our ups and downs laid bare for all to see. The struggle, the triumph, the pain, the joy, hard work. It would be riveting.

Some of the most inspirational people are the ones who are often unrecognized. No one sees them because they aren't drawing attention to themselves, they are simply honest folks who get up and work hard every day.

I think it's important to recognize and celebrate these people. Many of them are today's workforce. It's a shame to take these hardworking men and women for granted.

They make our lives easier and more enjoyable in many ways. And may even save our lives. 

I recently discovered 1 in 100 million, a Kronos American Worker Campaign. Each month they release a new video in which regular people in the workforce share their stories.

I have to tell you: I'm completely inspired and fascinated. 

The first video I watched featured, Mike Perez, a Sous Chef. This guy can cut, prep, slice and dice with amazing finesse. I wish I had some of those skills for my own kitchen!

This man fell in love with cooking while in prison. He found it therapeutic. Upon his release he was accepted into the Silver Fork Program (especially for at-risk people looking for new careers). He was one of only 20 people out of 300 applicants chosen for the program. And not only has he learned to be an excellent Sous Chef, he now has his own produce business too!

If we peeked into the kitchen at a restaurant and saw the Sous Chef chopping veggies, we'd never guess where he's been or what he has overcome.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.23.19 PM

I love that I get a behind-the-scenes look in these videos. It's such a good reminder that each person has a story.

Every month, 1in100million.com focuses on a different occupation. So far they've profiled a firefighter. trauma nurse, produce manager, restaurant server, teacher, baseball bat maker, a major in the National Guard, an alligator wrangler, and a Sous Chef (just to name a few).

I certainly related to the restaurant server, sous chef, and teacher. All jobs I've had in some form or another (well, I'm not sure I'd qualify as an actual sous chef, rather more of a glorified food-prepper. I certainly didn't have the skills the guy in the video has.)

These videos are fun for me to watch, but also a great tool to help teach my kids about different professions as well as encourage them to learn about and appreciate the hard work of others.

Why is hard work so inspiring?

I think it's because it motivates us to do better; to give a greater effort. Seeing others work hard helps us know that we can do that too, if we chose.

Hard work reveals the goodness and humanity in those who are so dedicated to making the world a better place and to providing for their families.

Hard work encourages us to keep on trying.

“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

If you want to be inspired, or simply wish to learn about different occupations and industries, I encourage you to check out 1in100million.com. The videos are short, but long enough to give you a wonderful glimpse into worlds you may not have been aware of. 

What inspires you about hard work?

This post is sponsored by Kronos. Content and opinions are my own. 

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