An “I’m Thankful for you because. . .” card

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A sweet (and earth-friendly way) the kids can show love and gratitude to special people in their life.

How to make a Heart Tree, “I’m Thankful for you because. . .” card:

First, make a card from a paper sack and cereal box (follow my instructions here)

Paint or draw a tree trunk and branches on the front of the card. (Alternate option: use thin twigs for the tree.)

Cut out small heart shapes from a magazine and glue close to tree branches. Having some heart/leaves on the ground would be lovely too.

On the front write: I’m thankful for you because. . .

Help your child think of specific things they appreciate about an individual and write them inside. (This is my favorite part. It is always fun to hear what children come up with!)

The following Simple Leaf Card would also make an excellent “I'm Thankful or you because…” card.

For our card we cut a leaf shape from a used (and wiped clean) piece of parchment paper, then painted a few gold streaks around the edges.

The Stained glass window card could be made into an “I'm Thankful” card too.

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  1. I wanted you to know your thankful card was featured on my blog this evening. What a wonderful way to teach your children to shelter others.