The Need for Quiet

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the need for quiet

I've noticed a pattern unfold in my life over the past few years. . .

Every few months, a swelling of overwhelm inside pushes me to retreat. I pull back from anything and everything and hibernate for a while. Doing as little as necessary in order to rejuvenate my mind and body.

Doing as little as necessary still likes like a lot. Especially when you have older kids to run around to various activities. But, cutting out a few things is truly helpful in restoring balance and calm.

Since we are all different, we each have our own distinct need for quiet. Some need more than others. But we all need it.

Quiet is easily shoved aside. There's so much to keep us busy. Even when we have an opportunity to be quiet, we can quickly become distracted by our phones, social media, or the online world. All of which can be far from quiet.

Whenever the need for quiet surfaces, I have to find space in all areas of life. That includes my online life. Less posting on Facebook and this blog. Less reading of blogs are social media posts. .

Just less.

The internet can be extremely noisy even though it doesn't make a sound.
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It can also be cruel.

You don't have to go far to find the mean. It often finds you.

Yes, the internet can also be joyous! I won't deny that. (This is not a post about the evils of the internet.)

emerald bay

This picture is from a recent trip to Lake Tahoe. It is stunning! Getting into nature is one of my favorite ways to be quiet.

I was once frustrated with my extreme need for quiet I seem to need an awful lot of t to function well, but have now accepted it as part of who I am. It's truly a need, not a want.

The urgent and important frequently raise their heads and take our quiet away. And it's surely dificult to put these aside in preferable of rest which may feel unproductive.

Let's pretend we have been written a prescription for quiet and rest.

Doctor's orders. It's that important.

Taking time for quite, may cause you to feel a little antsy at first, but it will actually make you more productive. I promise.

Quiet allows you time to reflect. To change. To grow.

To live with intention.

To connect with God.

To be grateful.

Take the prescription for quiet seriously and you just might live a little longer. You will also live better. And probably be a nicer, more patient person.

Sounds like a wonder drug, doesn't it?

Magic happens in the quiet spaces.

Quite is where plans are made.

Dreams are born.

Lives are changed.

If you are not making time for quiet, you may be short changing yourself. Holding yourself back from the life you dream of and keeping yourself from growing into the person you could become.
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If you currently have little kids at home, don't let this post guilt you! Time will come when you have more time for quiet!)

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