Rocky Mountain Oils’ New Skin Care Line – Tohi Skincare Review

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One of my favorite essential oil companies, Rocky Mountain Oils, has just released a line of natural skincare products. I received five of their new products in the mail last week and wanted to share a little about them so you could see if they might work for you.

The skincare and supplement lines at Rocky Mountain Oils are called, Tohi. They are designed to enhance health and wellness from the inside out.

The Tohi skincare line is a premium natural skincare and body care line. It combines “essential oils, clinically proven ingredients, and botanical extracts for targeted skin care solutions you can see and feel immediately.” (Source)

The Tohi line includes:

  • Nature's Moisture – a hand and body cream
  • Night's Rest – hand and body cream which contains essential oils targeted to relaxation and sleep
  • Deep Radiance – facial cleanser
  • Sacred Skin – facial moisturizer
  • Complete Relief – tension and muscle rub

I dug into the ingredients, looking them up in the EWG database, and was pleasantly surprised to see that most of them scored very well.

I have only used these products for a few days, but have already discovered three favorites:

  1. Night's Rest Hand and Body Cream

    I love the smell of this cream! The Night's Rest hand and body cream is perfect for relaxing before bedtime. The lotion is light and not oily at all. It contains the same essential oil blend as their Counting Sheep Essential Oil roll on, which has helped one of my children so much.

  2. Deep Radiance Facial Cleanser

    This cleanser
    is so unique, it's difficult to describe. It feels so good massaged into the skin! After washing off with warm water, skin is left soft and smooth. It's a great gentle cleanser that's perfect for daily use.

    The Deep Radiance facial cleanser is applied to dry skin, which feels amazing. Plus, I think the skin really drinks up the goodness of it that way.

    It contains squalene and glycerin that are both excellent for the skin.

    Even though this product is an “oil cleanser” of sorts, it is not runny at all., It's almost like a soft gel. Again, very hard to describe. But I think you'll like it!

  3. Complete Relief Tension and Muscle Rub

    This feels and smells great. I have an injured foot right now (so bad I'm struggling to walk properly!) and have been applying this to the injured area. It provides some relief and the scent is reminiscent of other muscle rubs I've used, but it's not overwhelming.

    This rub soothes and relaxes muscles and joints. It feels cooling to begin with, but then provides a warming sensation. This rub includes Peppermint, Wintergreen, Ginger, and Clove essential oils.

    Complete Relief is not just for injuries, it's perfect for use after a workout or whenever muscles need some relief.

So far I'm giving the Tohi Skincare line from Rocky Mountain OIls and thumbs up. 

It uses quality ingredients, includes healthy (and effective) botanicals, as well as targeted essential oils for beautiful skin.

Learn more about Tohi Skincare here.


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