Green Cleaning Tips for Beginners

natural living for beginners- green cleaning tips

Green cleaning is an important part of natural living.

When we use chemical cleaning products, we introduce more toxins into our homes, which eventually end up in the body (and rather quickly actually. Some sources say it only tales 26 seconds for these chemicals to be found in every organ of the body after use.)

On today's periscope episode, I shared a few tips on cleaning naturally. The links and information below are tips and tricks I mentioned in the show or ones I wanted to share.

I'll be back with a new scope tomorrow that will tell you how to get my green cleaning ebook free. Plus, I'll demonstrate how to make a quick DIY all-purpose cleaning spray.

Watch the scope here; note that it expires after 24 hours; after that, you can see it here.

My favorite recipes:

How to Care for Your Cutting Board Naturally 

10 Ways to use Vinegar

All-Natural Citrus Cleaner

All About Essential Oils

My Favorite Floor Cleaner

Homemade Soft Scrub and Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Homemade Air Freshener: Calming and Deodorizing Room Spray

Homemade Soft Scrub and Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide 

Pre-made/store-bought cleaners

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 2.45.56 PM

Branch Basics – can buy in concentrate form and dilute to make your own cleaners.

ePantry – a great place to get method, seventh generation, and more.

Biokleen dishsoap – my favorite.


My Green cleaning ebook – get it free tomorrow.

If you have any natural living questions, leave them below.

Aromatherapy for Natural Living

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  1. Great points! This is very insightful post and working as eye openers for the online learners. Keep sharing

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