Stress-Busting Tips and Tricks

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We can be eating all the right things and doing all the right exercises, but if we are not managing stress, we could be unintentionally sabotaging our efforts.

I don't think you need me to tell you just how bad stress is. We've all felt it.

Dr. Mark Hyman stated (in his docu-series, The Broken Brain):

“95 % of all illness is either caused by (or worsened by) stress.”

That’s a lot of illness we could avoid or at least keep from worsening by reducing our stress.

The good news is, we can develop skills to deal with stress even if we can’t eliminate it altogether.

A quick list of ideas to get you started:

  • Pray
  • Breathe
  • Exercise
  • Get outside
  • Keep margin in your life
  • Practise gratitude
  • Simplify

If you need more ideas, check out my post: 20 Ways to Reduce Stress

We are made to deal with short bouts of stress. Those cannot be avoided. What is causing us real damage is chronic stress. Some of that can be avoided and some cannot.

If we step back and take a look at how we are spending our days, we can probably see where we are causing ourselves extra stress. Taking on too much, say “yes” to everything, worrying, staying up late, getting up early, drinking too much coffee, bottling up our feelings, overuse of computers and technology . . .

These are affecting our health.

We don't have the power to change everything, but we do have the power to change some things.

If you've got a little baby, there's not a lot you can do about that sleep situation for a while.  If you've got a child who is struggling with an issue, your attention goes there. If you are in crisis…it's ok. Yes, sometimes we have to ride it out. But still, do what you can to support yourself through that time.

We can compound the problem by adding more to our plate than necessary. I'd like to encourage you to step back and look at where you can do some pruning in order to create more space in your life in order to reduce stress and take care of your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Your assignment for today, should you choose to accept it:

Take a minute to complete these steps and see if you can begin to make a plan for reducing stress.

Download the Stress-Busting Workbook

Because I feel that managing stress is a key to health, and I really want my lovely readers to be healthy, I've created a stress-busting workbook for you.

It's designed to aid you in thinking through the ways stress is present in your daily life and how you might be able to deal with it. It's also got a printable sheet of stress-reducing activities you can tape on the wall or include in a notebook for easy reference.

Click the image below to get your copy

to download free Stress Workbook

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